Uplifting the Poor

The rural communities could be improved by ensuring better agricutrue and better yield from them. In order to help the villagers achieve this we had given help for well renovations for 67 farmers , land clearance for 45 farmers, supply of motor pumps for 24 farmers, goats for 35 families, buffalos for 35 families etc. It has helped many people to have better agriculture and better yield. We had helped 11 landless persons to take land on rent and it had helped those farmers to earn some thing extra for their lives. Since they did not pay back it fully we could not continue this programme again.

Some of the SHGs had started grocery shops but most of them did not run longer for the credit purchases. We have under taken a number of watershed programme like village ponds, gabion structures, mud dams, stop dams etc. These structures to certain extend helped enhance the water table and better yield.

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