Aashakiran, Parasia

Ashakiran is a landmark project to mark the canonization of St. Kuriakose Chavara.  Imbibing the spirit of St. Chavara, who championed the cause of the poor in a radical way, we shall personalize the core values, like concern for the less privileged, sensitivity to their social needs, and radiate the Christian charity to the people around. We have launched this project in order to express our commitment to the poor, needy, and most vulnerable section of the society. We hope that this centre would radiate the rays of hope to the minds of hopeless children and enable them to dream for a bright future. The location of the project is in Bamhodi, Parasia Chhindwara, which is considered as one of the backward area of Madhya Pradesh. As per the work experience and survey conducted by Fr. Thomas Therattil, it is one of the most sensitive area and many people are affected by disability due to remoteness and lack of timely health care system. Ashakiran will enhance their participation in the society and aims to maximize their opportunities and minimize their vulnerability and injustice.

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