Aanchal (Bhopal)

Aanchal was established on 10 September 2010 in the heart of Bhopal township for development and rehabilitation of abandoned street children who are not able to fight for their rights and dignity. Under the coordination and monitoring of Sanjeevani Society, it functions with outreach programs, family tracing, home placement, training for self-employment, motivational classes, skill development, support programs in observation homes, shelter homes, Government children’s homes and child care centres. Net-working with private English medium schools has mobilized human and material resources to improve the skills of street children, and sensitize the school children towards social responsibilities and thereby bridge the gap between the privileged and non-privileged children and create a positive environment to support the unprivileged. Audio visual Presentations, value Based Education, Motivational classes, Entertainment, Drawing, Basic Literacy, Coaching classes, Counselling for both Client and Family members, Streamlining to the Society and Family, Job Oriented Training, Celebration of all National Festivals are the routine activities designed for street children.
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