Community Based Organizations

Self Help Group (SHG)s are formed in every village in order to organize the poeple for various social development programes and teach them the need for saveing and managing their meager incomes. We have 75 SHGs in our villages. They have not grown to be social catalysts. However some SHGs have done some things to improve the situation at the village level. The women SGHS at Alode went collectively to the PDS dealer for demanding supply of kerosene which was stopped for more than three months. After the action by the women SHGs members the dealer started the kerosene supply again.

Similarly the women SHG members at Alode also demanded fair wage for the work carried out by the village Panchayath. The Sarpanch(villge president) had to give in to the demand of the women SHGs members to make due payment for the labourers.

We had formed a Federation of SHGs in November 2003. There are 55 SHGs as the members of the federation. Over and against emerging as the force to reckon with in various matters of common interest it has also been making available soft loan to the members to the tune of Rs.15,54,000.00. Out of this Rs. 10,44,614.00 has been returned by the groups with a total interest of Rs. 1,65,176.00. The total out standing amount of loan is Rs. 8,62,398.00.

The over all impact of the SHGs on the society is positive. Through the medium of SHGs people put pressure on the govt. departments and get their problems solved to certain extend. This has helped in the enhancement of the prestige of the SGHs in the village where such action are carried out by the SHGs

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