Training and Awareness
The various problesms faced by the villages could solved only if the only the village community becomes aware of the power and rights given them by the consititution of India and various provisions in the laws and regulations of the state. In order to make the village community aware of their powers and rights various training programmes were conducted for SHGs members, women panchs(members) and sarpanchs(presidents) and also for all the panchs and sarpanchs separately. These trainings were also conducted for village leaders. Some of the selected women panchs and SGHs members were taken to XIDS Jabalpur for five days residential training on PRI.

The Result. – Though we have tried to give a number of training programmes with the aim of strengthening the PRI we have not achieved any tangible results so far in real terms. Yet in some of the gram sabhas more of women members take part and voice their problems and demand solutions to them.
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