SHG and their Federation

There are 70 SHGs in Usri area run by the society. Out of these 30 SHGs are of women. The women SHGs are functioning well while most of the men SHGs are dysfunctional. As many groups were obtaining less than 40 points in the grading system introduced in order to detect the strong groups for inter loan facility, most of the men groups slowly stopped functioning. Now there are only 50 SHGs which are functioning rather actively.

There are 62 SHGs as members in the federation. In the Governing Body of the Federation every month one woman and one-man representatives of the SHGs of each village participate. Over Rs.15, 52,4000.00 have been disbursed so far for the SHGs as loan from the Federation. The current out standing amount of the loan is Rs. 6,73,185.00.

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