Our Area

Usri and surrounding villages are situated in hilly forest terrain. The 95% of people in these villages are Gond tribes. They are poor and illiterate. The centre began working in five villages close to Usri. Now the soceity works in 30 villages in Usri area. The villages are Peeperpani, Barpani, Kislai, Dungaria, Usri, Singodi, Jamunjhiria, Gorchapper, Jetlapur, Alode, Rathamati, Gorkhpur, Jamunia, Khamaria, Dharia, Naria,Bicchuwa, Piperia, Thuhari, Panchara, Gogavari, Maduwa, Mundarai, Pala Mundarai, Sarra Tolla, Sarra, Chawarpatta, Bijouri and Bhurikhod. The main areas of  intervention in the villages have been agricultural development, education, awareness generation, community based organizations.  In the area of agriculture, the farmers were given quality seed, renovation of their wells, land clearing, supplying of motor pumps etc for enhancing the agricultural production. Agricultural training and awareness camps were conducted in the villages for farmers. Kitchen gardens and agro forestry encouraged among the people.

In the field of education non-formal schools were started in four villages. Tuition centers and coaching classes were started for the children. Adult literacy programmes were also conducted in collaboration with the government departments. Sports meet for the village children is organized every year in close collaboration with the sisters. In the similar manner arts competitions are also held for the children.

In order to enhance the educational scenario of this backward area the centre has started English medium school for the village children in the year 2005.

The centre is running over 75 Self Help Groups(SHG) in the villages. It has also formed a federation of these SHGs in order to strengthen them and evolve tribal leadership among them.

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