Genesis Of Sanjeevani Society

Sanjeevani is a dream of a group of professionals who belong to CMI religious Congregation, which caters to the marginalized population with focus on women and children. It is based in Bhopal having several branches in Narsinghpur, Jabalpur, Chhindwara, Raisen, Guna, Sagar and Bhopal districts. Sanjeevani was registered on July 8, 2003 under MP Firms and Societies Act of 1973 No.44 - Reg. No JN. 6928. It is also registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act in 2004. After the inception of the society, it has been functioning on various platforms for improving local governance, professionalizing youth, rehabilitating displaced and abandoned children, empowering women and sensitizing communities on conservation of environment.

The planners of the society envisioned a harmonious society where equal rights and opportunities are promoted and ensured among backward sections of the society. To reach the goal of the society, various approaches are adapted in working with rural and urban poor.

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